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SplitText / Firefox 17

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I'm using the SplitText Plugin to split a H1 into seperate lines of text. (H1 at 100% width, centered text, custom webfont).

This works flawless in current browser versions. 

In Firefox 17 the text doesn't break at <br> tags.

I'm using a workaround now, but maybe this could be fixed in a future release.


Best regards,


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Hello, schwabencode,

  • Is there any reason why your using Firefox 17 instead of the latest version of Firefox which is version 27?
  • Also are you using the latest version of GSAP and the SplitText Plugin?

Also if you can provide a codepen example we can better help you seeing your code in context.


Check out this video and tut by GreenSock describing on how to setup a codepen demo example:





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it's always the client who uses ancient browsers :-)


sadly, I could not reproduce the behaviour:

See the Pen FhAds by oemueller (@oemueller) on CodePen


Maybe the custom webfont causes problems. 


best regards,


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