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Jakob Sternberg

[SOLVED] [TweenLite AS2] Pause by movieclip?

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I'm tweening movieclips that get's added with attachMovieClip (simple particle system)

- For now i dont even use an array to keep track of the movieclips, i simply use onComplete to remove each movieclip when the tween is done.


Problem: I need to be able to pause these tweens, apparently i could create an array of the Tween instances ...but,.. is there another way? =P


I can loop through the movieclips, but how to pause their animation, without having their Tween instance reference, and without using pauseAll? (as i have other animations running elsewhere)



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Ok i think i found it, here's the basics if anyone needs it..

function pauseTweensIn(mc:MovieClip,doPause:Boolean){
   if(doPause !== false) doPause = true;
    for(var i:String in mc){
        if(typeof(mc[i]) == "movieclip"){
            var tweens = TweenMax.getTweensOf(mc[i])
            for(var t in tweens) tweens[t].paused = doPause

// Usage Pause:
// pauseTweensIn(containerMc)

// Usage Resume:
// pauseTweensIn(containerMc,false)
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Yeah, that solution would work, thanks for posting.

Not sure what constraints you are working under but an easy solution would be to place all the tweens in a TimelineLite and then call pause()/play() on the timeline when needed.

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Here's a AS3 version =) 

function pauseTweensIn(mc:MovieClip,doPause:Boolean = true):void{
 	for (var i:uint = 0; i < mc.numChildren; i++) {
		var tweens:Array = TweenMax.getTweensOf(mc.getChildAt(i))
		var c:uint = tweens.length
		while(c--) doPause ? tweens[c].pause() : tweens[c].resume();
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