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multiple images with single transform manager

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i'm using single transform manager with multiple image bt when i'm doing crop another image is overlapping on selected image..





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I'm not quite sure what's happening in your particular context - is the other overlapping image being managed by TransformManager? If not, you'd need to alter that depth yourself. 


If you're still having trouble, please create a separate reduced test case FLA and upload it here so that we can publish it and see what's happening. Please only include the code essential to seeing the problem, and zip the file(s) first. Click the "More Reply Options" button below to get the file upload option. 

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here i attached mxml file with  my code using transform manager

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Oh, you're using Flex. Sorry - we really try to steer clear of Flex since there are so many bugs in the framework and odd requirements. Have you tried using FlexTransformManager instead of TransformManager? We built that to better conform with all the Flex requirements. I noticed you're importing TransformManager rather than FlexTransformManager. 


Beyond that, I'm not sure what else we can do to help since we're not Flex experts at all. 

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okay..  thanks  for ur reply.. now  i'll try with FlexTransformManager..

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