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BlitMask cutting TextField

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hello everyone,

I'm trying to mask a Sprite containing some TextFields.


TextFields are cut off.


the width is the same as the Sprite, but even if I give it + 100 pixels, it will not change.


without the BlitMask, it's not cut off.


what can I do?



thanks in advance.

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HI and welcome to the GreenSock forums.


We would really need to see a very simple file that illustrates this issue as clearly as possible.

You can zip and FLA and any other resources together and attach them to this post. You don't need to include the greensock folder.

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I'm using it inside a class, used inside a web application, so I would end up sending you my whole library in order to get to the point where the mask is being used.


BTW, I've been working on it and solved by adding a .5% of the width I send as value from the main class.

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but there's one other thing I'm trying to do, no success. adding a scrollbar. I have to make a class.


I'm passing the masked item as a DisplayObject and scrolling it's y inside the class. the y changes correctly, but the masked item, doesn't move. the weird thing is that the y is changing.


so, I think it's actually moving something else inside the BlitMask. something invisible..


makes sense?



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the update();




ok, all solved. thanks again and sorry for the lack of attention!

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Glad you got it worked out. Thanks for sharing your progress.

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