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Dynamically loaded LoaderMax is empty inside (Loaded from XML file)

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I'm using this function to get the MP3Loaders from within the xml

 xmlLoader = new LoaderMax({name:"aName", autoDispose :true, onComplete:propsLoaded});
        xmlLoader.append(new XMLLoader(loaderPath, {name:"anotherName" , autoDispose :true,  estimatedBytes:841 }));

private function propsLoaded(e:LoaderEvent):void {

        var curPageLoader:LoaderMax = xmlLoader.getLoader("loaderrr"); //get the pages LoaderMax stored within the xml
        //curPageLoader is NOT null, but it contains NO loaders inside - it should containt 2 MP3Loaders according to my xml
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<tale id="1">
  <page id="1">
  <taleText>Lorem ipsum bla bla bla.</taleText>
      <LoaderMax name="loaderrr">
          <MP3Loader name="sth1" url="page_1/backsound.mp3" estimatedBytes="2050" autoPlay="false" />
          <MP3Loader name="sth2" url="page_1/backsound.mp3" estimatedBytes="2050" autoPlay="false" />

but the LoaderMax object that is returned to me has NO loaders inside. Its empty.. Why is that?

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Did you activate MP3Loader? If not, LoaderMax will have no way of recognizing those. Also, have you tried removing the autoDispose:true? 

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That was the problem. I didn't know I have to activate anything.. Problem fixed, thank you :D

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