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BlitMask causes "flash performs disallowed operation - Mouse Tracking" error when used in google banner

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I've used BlitMask api for numerous banners to show slot like rotations. Its works like a charm. But as soon as I try to upload these banner on Google ads, it rejects the swf throwing the error "flash performs disallowed operation - Mouse Tracking"


Please advise.

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Hmm, a quick Google search yielded these results:

Tracking event constraints
Google doesn't allow the specific tracking of user interactions that don't involve clicks. Tracking parameters that are not allowed include:
  • View-through tracking
  • Key-modifier tracking
  • Mouse location tracking


BlitMask itself doesn't contain any mouse tracking, do you have code that involves ThrowProps plugin or any tweens that track the user's mouse velocity?
Without seeing your code its tough to know what is happening. Also, I'd imagine that Google would be better suited to explain the errors but if we can help we will.
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edit: I stand corrected.


BlitMask does in fact have code that allows MouseEvents to pass through the BlitMask. Perhaps something relating to that is causing the problem. 

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Thanks for the reply, I removed all MouseEvent related code from BlitMask.as and it worked.



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nice! Glad you got it working.

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  • 6 months later...

Hi, I have the same problem, what have I to remove from BlitMask.as?

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As the previous poster stated, the code relating to MouseEvents.


I would start with the code inside this function here (shown in bold):


protected function _mouseEventPassthrough(event:Event):void {
if (this.mouseEnabled && (!_bitmapMode || (event is MouseEvent && this.hitTestPoint(MouseEvent(event).stageX, MouseEvent(event).stageY, false)))) {
Give that a try. If Google still gives you trouble, search BlitMask.as for "mouse" and remove all code.
Compile your swf regularly to make sure Flash isn't throwing any errors.
Perhaps the rahuljungle can share his file or more tips. Unfortunately, I have no way of testing this with Google.
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