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onComplete not triggering?

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Hello. One of my functions doesn't appear to be triggering when I call onComplete. I've looked over the syntax loads, and I've tried a few different things, but 'removeFromStage' just isn't being called no matter what. I've also tried downloading in the latest swc, am I missing something completely obvious?


private function bombExplode():void{

TweenLite.to(bomb_MC, 1, {y:100, onComplete:removeFromStage});



private function removeFromStage():void{

trace("function triggered")

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Okay, figured this one out. Turns out you can't remove the EventListener for EnterFrame, it effectively removes the functionality of greensock, hope this helps someone else!

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You can certainly remove your own ENTER_FRAME event listeners - that has no effect on GreenSock stuff. I think you were running into a scope issue, that's all. In your previous code (which apparently you edited), you had this.removeEventListener(...) inside your onComplete function, but "this" probably didn't refer to what you THOUGHT it referred to. Feel free to trace() to see for yourself. You can set the scope inside the onComplete function using onCompleteScope. Like:

TweenLite.to(bomb_MC, 1, {y:100, onComplete:removeFromStage, onCompleteScope:this});
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