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Simple3D Rendering Error

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I've been tinkering around with the Simple3D beta and I think it's really wonderful (as I expected).


I am running into a small issue though which I'm having a very hard time resolving. On some of my objects that I'm using as a source for the Simple3D transform, the process of running them through Simple3D is creating a distorted version of the original once I run .hide() on the Simple3D Object. It isn't actually the .hide() that is creating the distortion, though, the clips become distorted as soon as I use them as the target of a new Simple3D.


The Simple3D version of the object looks fine, but once I .hide() it to reveal the original, there is some weird distortion and artifacting visible. Can you think of any reason why this would be? Here is the code I'm using, and below it are some screenshots (the item I'm using Simple3D on is the texbox with the close button, and this forum is cropping off some of the right edge of the image):


var textContent:MovieClip = MovieClip(newClip.getChildByName("textContent"));

	// Add dropShadow filter to textContent before moving on
	var my_shadow:DropShadowFilter = new DropShadowFilter();
	my_shadow.color = 0x000000;
	my_shadow.blurY = 32;  
	my_shadow.blurX = 32;
	var filtersArray:Array = new Array(my_shadow);
	textContent.filters = filtersArray; 

	var vanishingPoint:Point = new Point(textContent.x, textContent.y);

	var my3DView = new Simple3D(textContent, {precision:2, vanishingPoint:vanishingPoint});

	my3DView.rotationX = 90;
	my3DView.alpha = 0;

	// Run this when ready to flip the content in 

	function flipContentIn ():void
		TweenMax.to(my3DView, 0.5, {alpha:1, z:0, rotationX:0, rotationY:0, rotationZ:0, ease:Quad.easeOut, delay:2, onComplete:swap3D});

	function swap3D ():void





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Any chance you could post a sample FLA? (don't include Simple3D please). The simpler the better :)


And/or could you circle where the distortion/artifacting is happening? I haven't run into anything like that before.

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Where can I download Simple3D from?



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Sorry, but Simple3D isn't available to the public. It was a class I create a while back primarily for my own purposes. I did share it with some "Shockingly Green" and/or "corporate" members of Club GreenSock at their request. If you're a "Shockingly Green" or corporate member, let me know and I can hook you up with the class, but again, it's not really intended for public consumption and I don't plan to maintain or update it.

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Thanks for your feedback. I'm just "Really Green" ;-)

But thanks anyway.

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