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Adding cuepoints at runtime via a loop

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Hi there,


I'm trying to add cuepoints to a video at runtime to display subtitles. I'm using a loop to get my cuepoints from XML and add them using the addASCuePoint method. But for some reason only the first 2 cuepoints seem to be displaying.


Here is my for loop:


for (var i:int = 0; i < subtitlesXml.cuePoint.length(); i++)


    cuepointStart = subtitlesXml.cuePoint.attribute("substart");

    cuepointEnd = subtitlesXml.cuePoint.attribute("subend");

    subtitles = subtitlesXml.cuePoint.subtitle;


    videoLoader.addASCuePoint(cuepointStart, "substart " + i, {id:i});   

    videoLoader.addASCuePoint(cuepointEnd, "subend");


    trace(cuepointStart + " " + cuepointEnd + " " + subtitles);



and here is my cuepoint listener:


private function cuePointHandler(e:LoaderEvent):void



   if(e.data.name == "substart")


    subTextField.text = subtitles[e.data.parameters.id];


   else if(e.data.name == "subend")


    subTextField.text = "";


   else if(e.data.name == "break")






And here is my XML:




<cuePoint id="0" substart="7.0" subend="11.0">

  <subtitle><![CDATA[subtitle 1]></subtitle>



<cuePoint id="1" substart="16.0" subend="21.0">

  <subtitle><![CDATA[subtitle 2]]></subtitle>



<cuePoint id="2" substart="22:0" subend="24:0">

  <subtitle><![CDATA[subtitle 3]]></subtitle>



<cuePoint id="3" substart="26:0" subend="30:0">

  <subtitle><![CDATA[subtitle 4]]></subtitle>



<cuePoint id="4" substart="31:0" subend="35:0">

  <subtitle><![CDATA[subtitle 5]]></subtitle>



<cuePoint id="5" substart="36:0" subend="39:0">

  <subtitle><![CDATA[subtitle 6]]></subtitle>



Any help would be appreciated. 





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What a fool! Sorry for wasting anyones time who bothered to read this. Syntax error in my XML!

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Excellent. I was going to say that you're code looked solid. Thx for the update.

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