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MX:Text Double Space Between Lines

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Hi, we are using transform manager in our app. its was working fine until a few weeks ago when we obviously changed something. it now loads with double space between the lines (see image), then if I will select the object and deselect, it will return to normal. 

I know that probably its not enough details but I will add any info when you will ask me to.

Before Deselect:


After Deselect:


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Very interesting - I can't imagine anything TransformManager could be doing to cause that - we don't swap out text or anything like that. All we do is create an additional Sprite or two that sits on top and contains the handles/outlines. Are you sure there's nothing else in your code that might be causing that? Did you recently update TransformManager or something? If so, does reverting it to the old version solve the problem? If not, that definitely points to either something in your code or something in Flash itself that's causing the issue. :( Tough to toubleshoot blind though - I really wish I had a better answer for you.

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One more thing, if I use a spark component like label or richeditabletext if works fine but then I cant use FlexSplitTextField. any ideas?

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Right, RichEditableText doesn't use a standard TextField (which is what FlexSplitTextField requires). Flash just doesn't expose the metrics necessary to do what FlexSplitTextField does inside that component. Sorry, I really wish it was possible. 

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