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Tweens with delay

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I have a question about tweens that have a delay at the beginning.

var highScoreTween:TweenLite= new TweenLite(highScore, 0.4, { delay:1, alpha:1 } );

//here is the question
if (highScoreTween.time() < highScoreTween.duration()) {

If I want to check tween for activity, when it has already started, but delay time has not passed. The function time() returns 0 and propertie _active is false.


How can I know that this tween has already begun?

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Right, the delay just affects where the tween gets positioned on its parent timeline, but the tween isn't somehow "active" during its delay period (I think that would be counter-intuitive). You can easily get the info you're after, though, like this:

var timelineTime = highScoreTween.timeline.time();
var tweenStart = highScoreTween.startTime();
if (timelineTime > tweenStart - highScoreTween.delay() && timelineTime < tweenStart) {
    //it's inbetween the delay and the start
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