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simulating slow internet connection for video

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I am building a Flash piece that contains a lot of video. I have been experimenting with both the Flash FLVPlayback component and the Greensock VideoLoader.


I have been trying to simulate a slow internet connection by uploading my flash video to a server. Then I open the Flash video file in my browser and disconnect the ethernet cable from my computer, just as it's starting to play.


I wait for the video to get stuck in a buffering state, then I reconnect the ethernet cable. With both the Flash FLVPlayback component and the Greensock VideoLoader -  when I do this, the video remains stuck in a buffering state, even though the internet has been reconnected.


Is this a bad method for simulating a slow internet connection? I had hoped that the VideoLoader would automatically detect that the internet is available again and continue downloading, but this doesn't seem to happen.


Is there a way that I can get the VideoLoader to detect a break in the internet connection, and start downloading and playing again when the internet connection resumes? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.



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That's not a good way of simulating a slow connection - that's a good way to simulate a dead connection :) 


You can get bandwidth throttlers (software) that do it for you. I used NetLimiter a while back. 


The problem is that packets eventually timeout and they don't just magically get requested again (that would be bad in many situations). You can certainly set up your own timeout routine so that if the progress doesn't move for X amount of time, you try to reload again. 

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