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Simple Carousel

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I'm kind of stumped with building a very simple carousel:



It runs perfectly if I don't use the left and right buttons it's just a mess.

Has anyone of you ever built some carousel like this and would be willing to share it?


Thanks so much,


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Hi Rob.


Yeah a timeline is not, in my opinion, the best way to achieve that. Chrysto created a very simple sample using mainly jQuery selectors and because of it's simplicity is a very solid starting point:


See the Pen LckBh by burnandbass (@burnandbass) on CodePen


You'll see that attaching button events to it won't be too hard.




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Hi Rob,


As easy as it might seems, carousel is actually very tricky stuff. You can easily do very basic one, but most of the times this is not the case. You can have multiple items, slideshow, external navigation, pause on hover, responsive layout, iPhone/iPad bugs, etc... I personally prefer to create my own carousel for every single project, that implements ONLY the functionality I want - this keeps the code simple and optimised. If you have some specific question about creating a slideshow/carousel , or want to show you how to create specific type (ex with multiple items, only external navigation, how to create pause on hover, how to hide slideshow before all images loaded) I'll be glad to help :) 

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Thanks, guys!

 think you're right, Rodrigo. I'll just go for single tweens instead of the timeline.

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