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Sergey Snegirev

Pipe flow animation along MotionPath

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for a medical project I need to animate liquid slowly flowing up a pipe, much like those old pipe games. Here's a tutorial using manual tweens - http://www.computerschool.net/flash/fl_exercise25.html. I need the same result, only using code, because I have like a million of those pipes.


Using an array of Points(), I can create a greensock MotionPath and send a Path Follower along it. But I need the follower to sort of leave trail, to color the pipe behind it. 


I am thinking of creating a separate shape and drawing a LineTo(followerX, followerY) on each Path update. But is there an easier way, a property or method that Greensock offers? Any other ideas are very welcome, too.


Thank you!

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Yeah, there is nothing in the platform that will directly support that, hooking into the lineTo and other AS3 drawing API methods is definitely a good idea. 


It seems you already know how to do that, but for anyone else swinging by here, this tutorial: http://www.snorkl.tv/2011/04/tweenlite-meets-flash-drawing-api-for-animated-line-drawing-fun/ shows how to draw a line as an object gets tweened through various points via a TimelineLite. 

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