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Mobile performance - Avoid PROGRESS events

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I'm looking at optimizing my code as much as possible using greensock v11 (+ starling and feathers) and Adobe Scout.

I could identify the broadcast of many "progress" events as a place that takes quite a bit my iphone 4 cpu time.

Since I do not add any callback to onProgress, I did expect the library to not broadcast those events.

But after looking at the source code, it seems that, as I use a GroupLoader with subloaders (because I load textures atlases with .png + .xml at the same time), the GroupLoader will register listener for those events on it's childs anyway.

Is there something I can do ?





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Hi and welcome to the GreenSock forums.


I'm not familiar with what a GroupLoader is. Is there something specific to GreenSock's tools that we can assist you with? Are you referring to LoaderMax?


I'm doubtful that the broadcasting of progress events is a bottle-neck, but there isn't a way to turn them off. 


It sounds like you have a lot of things loading at once. Have you tried to distribute the load over more time?

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