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Android expansion files

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We have a couple of large Android apps that we'd like to get on Google Play. We have to get the apk under 50mb so we'll need download and store a bunch of assets the first time they launch the app.


This is my goal:

1. On launch check for the required zip file.

2. If it's not there, require a download step. Download the zip.

3. Then we'd need to be able to access the pngs from that download. 


Would anyone be interesting in helping me with this?



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Hi and welcome to the GreenSock forums.


There may be some community members who choose to help you, but our official support time has to be focused on issues more specific to the GreenSock tools. This seems like you are looking to partner with someone for ongoing help with your app development. 


Let us know if you need any help understanding any of the GreenSock tools.

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