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TweenMax pause not accepting arguments.

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After a TweenMax update. Pause stop do accept arguments, in this case, the "atTime". Some thing strange is when i see the function, there is 2 optional arguments: "atTime", "suppressEvents". But when i try to call the function with the arguments compiler gives a error:


 col: 31 Error: Incorrect number of arguments.  Expected no more than 0.


The code is this:


DamageInvunerable_IN = TweenMax.to(this, 0.15, { startAt: { brightness: -.6, hue:0, contrast:.25, saturation: -.25 }, brightness:0, hue:0, contrast:0, saturation:0, overwrite:false, repeat: -1, yoyo:true, ease:Quad.easeInOut } );
So, when i call to the tween to stop i want to it always stop at the time zero.
Is some thing wrong? Why it does not work?


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I updated to 12 long time before. It start to happen after a another update.


But i replaced all the files again with the current version and the problem disappear. So i think my files was mixed with new and old versions.   

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