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Avoiding Video(Loader) loop lag

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I'm playing a video loaded through VideoLoader and looping it when it's complete


	private function videoCompleteHandler($event:Event):void

I'm getting a slight pause on looping, which I guess is understandable, but it's not pretty.  Any suggestions on how to avoid?  I know with an FLVPlayback (I believe) one can load a video into different layers and switch them on and off.  Can I do something similar here?  Grab two copies of the video from the VideoLoader?  Or do I simply need to load the video twice, with two VideoLoaders? Or……


Thanks for any advice!

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If you want to control two separate instances of the same video source file, you will have to use 2 VideoLoaders.


I've seen videos loop very well, and not so well at times. I think the issue you are experiencing could be a combination of problems inherent to the Flash Player and perhaps ways in which your video was encoded. That said, there really isn't anything VideoLoader can do to smooth out the lag you are noticing.

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