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Problems with TweenMax timescale()

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This is almost certainly a bug in my code, but I'm moving some elements forward in z-space (that is low to high z) using TweenMax's in a TimelineMax

// pseudo code

TLM:TimelineMax = new TimelineMax;

for (var i:int = 0; i< someNumber; i++) {

    var tw:TweenMax = new TweenMax(anAsset,TWEEN_TIME,{onUpdate:doUpdate,onUpdateParams:["{self}"],z:someFinalZ});

private function doUpdate($tw:TweenMax):void {
 sortElementsOnZPosition(); // sort all the elements display position based on z, using addChild()
 if (something) {
   $tw.timeScale(0.5); // slow down
  } else {
   $tw.timeScale(1); // set back to normal


Sometimes I want to slow down the tweened elements' z-motion (and in a separate call I'm moving them on x axis), but when I want to set the tween back to normal speed, they suddenly jump forward in z-space, as if they were suddenly set back to where they'd been if they'd never been slowed.  There's a lot going on behind the scenes, including  addChild()-ing the elements (based on a z-sort), etc.  Surely something in my code, but the tweens are pretty separate from everything else, so I'm wondering if there's something related to timeScale of Tweens in a Timeline that I'm missing.  Thanks!

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Try setting smoothChildTiming:true in the timeline's constructor like so

var TLM:TimelineMax = new TimelineMax({smoothChildTimiing:true});

I'm pretty sure that will help. I can't explain it any better than the docs:

http://api.greensock.com/as/com/greensock/TimelineMax.html (see special properties)

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Thanks.  That did solve it.  But it introduced other weirdness — this was the timeline which you helped me with before, where the tweens are spread out and then restarted as each one comes to completion — I think there's probably an issue with that technique when smoothChildTiming is true.  They're OK with this game for the moment without the timeScale so I'll investigate later…


As a sidenote, has anyone done a graphic of how TimelineMax works with childSmooth: true?  In my head, from the API docs, I'm picturing it like the Flash IDE timeline, where one is flipping and moving the child tweens…I suppose it's exactly like that.

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Hi, no we haven't done a graphic for smoothChildTiming, but yes if you were to take a classic tween in the Flash IDE and literally flip it around the playhead, that is exactly what happens.

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