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I have a user interface which is allow the user to create some contents like add an image, text, video.

This user interface is using the TransformManger.

Is there an (easy) way for implement an undo/redo function?

Thanks for help and the answers


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TransformManager doesn't manage undo/redo functionality for you, but you can certainly do that yourself. One way would be to just record the transform.matrix object for each step because the matrix contains all scale/rotation/position data. I hope that helps!

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Yes, thanks for the answer.
I'd already seen that but i have a lot of data like an image url or a color that transform.matrix does not contains.
So, I don't really know how can I record all this informations.

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How about just using an array to store that data?


Also remember there's an exportItemXML() method and exportFullXML(). That won't save any color data, though. http://greensock.com/as/docs/transform/

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I want to use Crop functionality with Transform. Can you please customize your tool with Undo/Redo feature.


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Sorry, FlexCoder, that isn't a feature we plan to add at this point, but you're welcome to customize things as you please. 

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