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VideoLoader progress not working

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I've built a custom video player built on the use of VideoLoader. However, the loader progress isn't working. It appears to be working; the loader bar grows in width based on a LoaderEvent.PROGRESS dispatch. But when I test the actual network usage in Chrome (dev tools), it shows the video is loading long after the loader bar goes to 100%.


Any ideas?

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Did you maybe have bufferMode set to true? Or maybe you were looking at the bufferProgress? It's tough to diagnose without having a simple FLA to publish on our end that clearly demonstrates the issue. If you still need help, please prepare a simple FLA and post it here (along with any necessary support files) and we'd be happy to take a peek. 

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I do have bufferMode set to true. Will the video start playing when it has enough in the buffer if I set that to false?

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The bufferMode only affects how the "progress" is reported. So the behavior you described is perfectly normal (and by design). Your video can autoPlay regardless of how bufferMode is set. 

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