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Animating text from "normal" to "bold" weight?

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Is it possible to animate an existing text weight from regular/normal font weight to bold style? Either in the Actionscript or Javascript version?

I have a sentence where I need to "bolden" a keyword and it would be nice to animate it with an effect rather than just switch.

Thanks, Attila


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There isn't a good and smooth way that I'm aware of in ActionScript or JavaScript.


In JavaScript you could attempt to tween the fontWeight of an element but that doesn't really work well.


See this demo here: http://www.w3schools.com/cssref/playit.asp?filename=playcss_font-weight&preval=bolder


You'll see that valid font-weights range from100 to 900 in increments of 100. Selecting the various values with the radio buttons rarely has any affect as its unlikely that a font is going to be available in all those weights. At best you may get a jittery change in fontWeight, but again I don't think its what you are after. 

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