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Check for and Clear unused TLMaxs

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i am curently working on a project witch should be bulletproof for 8h + of operation time.


therefore i am looking for a safe method to check for and kill / clear / delete unused TimeLineMax and TweenMax.


The Project ist Constantly adding and removing childs to the stage an deeply nestet movieclips and adding TLMaxs and or Tweens to it.




Are TLMAXs and TweenMaxs destroying itself and removing itself COMPLETELY if the MC it was Attached to, gets removed from stage OR do i have to do this manually.


In case they're NOT destroying themselfs:


what can i do?


i bet theres a nice and easy way to handle every greensock thing on stage ever put into existence,


Thanks in advance,



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You shouldn't have to worry about any of this, David. We put a lot of effort into building the system so that it's maintenance free and allows things to become eligible for gc when appropriate, and yet protect them from gc when appropriate. GSAP isn't plagued, for example, by the gc problems Adobe's Tween class ran into that caused tweens to randomly stop working unless you manually kept references of each tween. 


Tween with GSAP to your heart's content and you should be fine.

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