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TimelineMax - Sounds embed in frames

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Hi, i'm developing a framework based on greensock, but i have a problem, there are a lot of animations with sounds embeded in frames.


i want to use:

tl.append(TweenMax.to(myMc, 50, {frame:myMc.totalFrames}));
It works great, but the sound embeded doesn't sound :(

Is there a property what i can use to fix it? or automatically sounds in frames are silenced?



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Hi and welcome to the GreenSock forums.


I just created a little example and it worked fine.


A few things to note: 


1: the sound must be set to sync: event. 

Select the frame that has the sound embedded and use the properties panel.


2: when doing a frame tween, its very difficult to ensure that every frame is going to be rendered.

Suppose you movie has a frame rate of 30fps, and you tween from frame 1 to frame 200, but the duration of that tween is only 0.5 seconds? Flash can only render 15 frames in that time span and TweenLite/Max will be forced to skip over some frames. Also keep in mind that by default every tween has a default ease of Power1.easeOut (same as Quad.easeOut). When easing is involved, frames are purposefully skipped so that the beginning of the animation can appear to happen faster than the end.


Definitely try using ease:Linear.easeNone and make sure that the duration of your tween is suitable for the amount of frames that need to be played. The most reliable approach would be to


1) figure out how many frames need to be played

2) set your timeline's useFrames property to true (will affect all tweens in the timeline)

var tl = new TimelineLite({useFrames:true});


3) use ease:Linear.easeNone on the frame tween.



My little test is attached:



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