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AS2: TimelineLite

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var duration = 0.65;
var tl = new TimelineLite({onComplete: function(){ tl.reverse(); }});
tl.addLabel(labels[0], 0);
tl.appendMultiple([new TweenLite(help, duration, { _alpha: 0, delay: 3 }),
				   new TweenLite(year, duration, { _alpha: 100, delay: 3 })
tl.addLabel(labels[1], duration*1); // first stop
tl.appendMultiple([new TweenLite(dragger, duration, { _x : getXFor(arr[1]), ease: Strong.easeOut }),
				   new TweenLite(year, duration, { _x : getXFor(arr[1]), ease: Strong.easeOut })
tl.addLabel(labels[2], duration*2); // 2nd stop
tl.appendMultiple([new TweenLite(dragger, duration, { _x : getXFor(arr[2]), ease: Strong.easeOut }),
				   new TweenLite(year, duration, { _x : getXFor(arr[2]), ease: Strong.easeOut })
tl.addLabel(labels[3], duration*3); // 3rd stop
tl.appendMultiple([new TweenLite(dragger, 0.5, { _x : getXFor(arr[3]), ease: Strong.easeOut }),
				   new TweenLite(year, 0.5, { _x : getXFor(arr[3]), ease: Strong.easeOut })

hi guys,


im having a problem with tl.gotoAndPlay(label[0]). is there something im doing wrong here?




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i keep getting 


TimelineLite error: the _label_ label was not found.

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It looks like you are adding the labels with


labels[0] with an "s"


You are using label[0] in your gotoAndPlay().

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