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TweenLite.from onComplete firing before and after

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import com.greensock.*;

TweenLite.from( test, 2, { x: 1000, onComplete: onCompleteHandler } );

function onCompleteHandler() : void {
	trace( 'hit' );


Is onComplete when using "from" intended to fire before and after? Because it is.

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This is probably the same as the regression that was mentioned in the Javascript forum a few days ago. Could you grab the latest AS files again and see if that works any better? The fix has been released for Javascript GSAP, and hopefully the AS files were updated as well.

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Yep, Jamie is correct (as usual) - it was a regression that has been fixed in the most recent release. Sorry about the confusion. 

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Good work guys. I was using a version from a few days ago. 

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