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Load progress does not work when the application is written to CD/DVD

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When I run my application from a cd/dvd, the progress bar doesn't work. Do I need to do something differently when running from a disk?




loader = new SWFLoader(url, {name:"main", estimatedBytes:3000, container:this, autoPlay:false, onProgress:imageProgressHandler, onComplete:completeHandler});

function imageProgressHandler(event:LoaderEvent):void {
TweenLite.to(mc_progress, .1, {alpha:1});
    mc_progress.progressBar_mc.bar_mc.scaleX = event.target.progress;



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Hi. Not so sure what that the problem is. If you move your project files from the dvd to the hard-drive does it work as suspected?  I'm guessing it has something to do with the fact that cd/dvd drives are slow and unreliable.


I would suggest you try loading your assets without ImageLoader, just use the native AS3 Loader() and see if it works.


I've attached a file that you can burn to your dvd. Be sure to replace the url of the loaded image with your own.




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