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CirclePath2D wrong direction

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I am tweening an objct on a circular path:


TweenLite.to(glareMC, 2, { circlePath2D: { path: circlePath, startAngle: 225, endAngle: 225, direction: Direction.COUNTER_CLOCKWISE, extraRevolutions: 1 }} );
I'd expect to see a CCW motion, as specified in the direction property, but the glareMC moves CW: why?
If I change endAngle to whatever different from startAngle the animation looks correct: is this an unhandled exception of the motionPath engine?
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Yep, the issue was that you had absolutely no change (startAngle and endAngle matched). We'll add some code to handle that scenario in the next release. Thanks for pointing it out. For now, it should be as simple as changing the startAngle to be a tiny bit different (even 0.0000001). 

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