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scaleFromCenter bug

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Hi Jack,


I've encountered a bug with the scaleFromCenter property.

I'm using the FlexTransformManager in, you guessed it, Flex.

Nothing fancy, I just set the property to false.


You can view my app here: http://bikewear.j-db.nl/demo5


Steps to reproduce with an image:

[*]Upload an image, wait for it (no progressBar yet)

[*]Scale the image


Steps to reproduce with a TextField (Label component):

[*]Type in a text and press the button at the bottom ("Toevoegen")

[*]Scale the label


The image isn't much of a problem, but when the label is scaled, it animates very strangely.

There's not much on my side happening, as you can see:

var label:Label = new Label();
label.text = text;

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Hm. I can't seem to reproduce the problem. What version are you using? Please make sure you're using the latest version (1.65).

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I'll test this weekend if I can reproduce the problem in a new Flex project.

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