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Constrain Scaling To avoid Mirror Efects - New Problem

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i have already asked this question in the following thread: http://forums.greensock.com/topic/6964-constrain-scaling-to-avoid-mirror-efects/


The solution was to set the minScaleX and minScaleY to 0 and that worked, but now I need to constrain the width and height of a transformItem, not the scale. 


So, i used the minWidth and minHeight properties of the item. At the beginning its seemed to work, however if I keep scaling beyond the min values, the item will eventually jump to negative scale values.


I think its a bug but i don't know, any help will be greatly appreciated.


Here a .fla that shows the problem:



Thank you.

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Actually, no that's not a bug at all because it is entirely possible to have an object that's a certain width even at negative scale values. For example, if you've got a 100px wide object and you set the minWidth to 50, that means that if its scaleX is -0.7, that would make it 70px wide, thus it's totally "legal". 


Believe it or not, it took quite some effort to make that "bug" work that way :) It is entirely intentional. But if you don't want to allow the scale to go negative, just add these lines:

_transItem.minScaleX = 0;
_transItem.minScaleY = 0; 

Does that clear things up?

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ooo I see, sorry for sugesting that it could be bug. But, can is use minWidth and minScale at the same time?, I cant try it rigth now. Thank you Jack.

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Yep, you can use them both together. 


Have fun :)

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Great, it works.


Sorry for the dumb question and thank you very much for your help.

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No problem at all. Enjoy.

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