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killTweensOf on multiple tweened objects

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Hi, I am trying to kill the common tween assigned to two movieclips


TweenLite.to([obj1, obj2], 1, { y: 10, onComplete: smile } );

If I do something like



the onComplete function continue to exhist, but why? I am doing something wrong for sure...

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Nope, you weren't doing anything wrong. If you had killedTweensOf() that exact array (rather than each element separately), it would have worked. We needed to add a small chunk of code to accommodate what you were attempting (which was completely reasonable, by the way). It should be fixed in the latest version. Sorry about any confusion that caused. 

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Well, I didn't think about killing tweens of an array, my mistake. Anyway I think that this approach would not work for me, as the array of elements to tween can change, so I am obligued to killTweensOf the single elements.

In the meanwhile I am tweening elements separately, assigning the onComplete to just one of them, obviously.

Waiting for the new release, and, as always... keep on the good work! Thank you Jack!

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No problem - the new AS3/AS2 release is live.

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