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Remove TransformManager Custom Cursor

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I have a Sprite with a button in the center. The sprite can be transformed, but when the mouse is over the button the cursor stays in its default TransformManager move cursor.


So, to keep the default "button" cursor  (the one with the hand and the finger) when the mouse is over the button., i did the following:


_uploadPhotoHereMessageMc.addPhoto_btn.addEventListener(MouseEvent.MOUSE_OVER, showButtonCursor, false, 0, true);

private function showButtonCursor(evt: Event): void
  if(_transManager.isShowingCustomCursor) TransformManager.customizeMoveCursor(new Shape(), false, 0, 0);


However, i'm getting a null pointer exception from the TransforManager:


StackTrace: TypeError: Error #1009: No se puede acceder a una propiedad o a un método de una referencia a un objeto nulo.
	at com.greensock.transform::TransformManager/snapCursor()[D:\datos\CarlosB\Documentos\Dropbox\PlasticoLab\Pixote2\PhotobookMaker\com\greensock\transform\TransformManager.as:2275]


"No se puede acceder a una propiedad o a un método de una referencia a un objeto nulo"  -> means null pointer in Spanish.


Is there a better way to do this?


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Yeah, those aren't designed to be swapped in/out while in use like that - they're meant as configuration tools. Have you tried just hiding the cursor and setting Mouse.show()? Kinda like:


yourTransformManager.moveCursor.visible = false;

And then of course toggle those back when necessary. 

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