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An example for useFrames:true in tweenlite

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giv me an example for using useFrames:true in tweenlite/max. The animations are fine in a pc, but are jerky in a mobile device.. I want animations to be look like those in Windows 8.

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Hi and thank you for your request. In order to serve you better please provide the following information:


How is your project running on your mobile device?


1) a swf running in the Flash Player browser plugin

2) a stand-alone AIR app

3) as part of a web page using the JavaScript version of TweenLite

4) other


What mobile device(s) are you experiencing trouble with?


Since you are posting in the ActionScript forum I have attached a Flash CS5 example that illustrates useFrames:true


Also, to get the smoothest playback you should use seconds and not frames. You have many more opportunities for screen updates when the tweens are based on time. With useFrames:true you are locking yourself into a set amount of updates.


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