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VideoLoader - same video from 2 different http sources, 1 fails?

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I am using VideoLoader to load and play back MP4 files from an HTTP source. No big deal, used it many times in the past.


My primary HTTP source (a custom CMS) fails to load in VideoLoader, but does work in the browser. VideoLoader gives an error:


Error on VideoLoader 'video_1988_0' (http://______REDACTED_______/video/GetVideo?filename=1988_Majors_Video.mp4): NetStream.Play.StreamNotFound


The other HTTP source, a simple web server, a temporary backup so I could show the client playback, works fine with both VideoLoader and the browser. No errors, playback is fine.


A copy of the same MP4 file is in both places.


I'm using the Member's v12 beta SWC from a couple days ago, trace LoaderMax version 1.931


I need some direction on what might be different about these two sources, particularly in the context of error NetStream.Play.StreamNotFound


I do not want to post the two URLs to the public, please PM me if you can offer any assistance and I will send both URLs.



Thanks again...

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Is this simply because of the ?filename=... in the URL?


LoaderItem.as _setRequestURL notes:


"Flash doesn't properly apply extra GET url parameters when the URL contains them already..."





allows the video to load. Problem solved I think?

Edited by jahshuwaa
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Yes indeed - sounds like you've got it. Thanks for reporting back. 

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