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ColorMatrixFilter change selected color only?

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I'm already using TweenMax for other things on my project so I just thought I'd see if I could use it for this too. I'm wondering if it's possible through the colorMatrixFilter or colorTransform to selectively tint only a certain color range/selection?  I'm asking this because I have a dithered (solid black and white) image I am trying to tint, and we only want to tint the black part of the image, leaving the white pixels white.  I couldn't figure any way to do it looking at the examples.


Basically, I want to find all of the solid black pixels and change them to the selected color, while leaving the white pixels alone.  This feature works using the colorTransform IF the image is black with the other areas have alpha transparancy, but doesn't work if the image has white instead of alpha.  So, I'm almost suspecting I'm going to have to do some kind of a selection mask for the color transform, but wanted to ask here in case there was an easier way to do it.


Attached is an example of how the original B&W image looks and how I want the colorized image to look.  I can achieve this effect with a Color Fill : Blend Mode: Color Dodge filter in Adobe Fireworks.post-10452-0-94520400-1359416779_thumb.gif

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In Flash you can use a "lighten" blend mode on a solid colored element that sits on a layer above your black and white image and simply tween the tint of that object.




TweenMax.to(mc, .5, {tint:0xff0000});



here is an example:



CS5 Fla attached 



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Thanks for the fast response and elegant solution!  You even used the cat example image, nice!  Making another layer with that blend mode is something I hadn't considered but it certainly accomplishes the effect I disired, gratitude.

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