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mcs in swf appearing before animation starts

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Hello, I was wondering if you guys can help. As of late when I do an animation with tweenlite, the content appears before the animations inits. So if I have a tweenlite.from with alpha:0 the mc will shows for a split second and then start with alpha:0. It seems to happen in firefox and chrome the most. I did notice this happens when making a gradient mask as well. You will see the mask for a fraction of a second before it masks the mc. I'm doing everything I always have. This seems to be a recent issue and I don't blame tweenlite. Advice to fix the issue?

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It sounds to me like simply a loading issue. Remember, scripts won't run until that particular frame is COMPLETELY loaded, and Flash displays things as they load. So for example, you might have a MovieClip on the stage that gets loaded at full opacity but Flash is still working on loading other assets for that frame, thus you see the MovieClip in the mean time. Then, when everything is loaded it fires off the ActionScripts and it finds the from() tween which immediately forces the MovieClip's alpha to 0 (in your case). Now do you see why it might appear to "flash" quickly? You're right - it's not a TweenLite issue. One solution would be to set the alpha to 0 in the IDE and use a to() tween to make it go to alpha:1.

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Great thank you for your response. It just seems weird that it is doing it now and never has in the past. More specifically I am dealing with web banners that have a very small k weight. What seems to help is starting the animations on frame 2. I will most likely also use to() tween as well like you mentioned. Thanks again.

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