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Newbie question about blurFilter

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I'm new to TweenMax and was trying to achieve the following:


I have a movieclip that move from left to right. What I want is that during the animation, to have a blur effect that kind of "fade in" and "fade out" on the beginning and end of the animation.


Right now I'm able to blur my mc but I have problem with the "fade" parts.


TweenMax.to(row_1, 8, { x:String(newX), blurFilter:{ blurX:40, remove:true } });


Can someone help me figuring out how to fade the blur effect with a sample or a tutorial.


Thanks alot

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If you want something to blur-in and de-blur out maybe this is what you mean:



To apply that effect to your tween try


//give tween target initial alpha and blur settings
TweenMax.set(row_1,  {alpha:0, blurFilter:{blurX:40}})
//move object along x axis
TweenMax.to(row_1, 8, { x:String(newX), ease:SlowMo.ease.config(.2, .9) });
//add blur at beginning, remove at end (while alpha is fading in and out)

TweenMax.to(row_1, 8, {alpha:1,blurFilter:{blurX:0},ease:SlowMo.ease.config(.2, .9, true)})

Let us know if that helps

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Thanks alot Carl,


that's exactly what I was looking for..... many thanks!

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