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kill a loader if the URL is not found

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 private function loadFlv():void
  _flvLoader = new VideoLoader(_flvPath, {name:"flvLoader", bgColor:_videoBgColor, autoPlay:false, container:_videoContainer, bufferMode:true, width:stage.stageWidth, height:stage.stageHeight, scaleMode:_scaleMode, volume:_vol, onprogress:progressHandler, onComplete:flvBufferComplete, onerror:videoErrorHandler});


I'm calling this function to load an FLV. If the path is not found I'm calling videoErrorHandler.


My question is - What should I be doing in that handler, if anything, to make sure I can call this function again and have the loader work. Say If I was using this in a video gallery. If by chance one video did not load I would still want the player to work with the next video selected.



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