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Text Disappears

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I'm having a problem transforming a text field.


When i move or scale the text field everything is fine, but when i rotate it, the text disappears.


This is how i'm creating and adding the text field:


//Create the text format
var textFormat: TextFormat = new TextFormat();
textFormat.size = DEFAULT_TEXT_SIZE;
textFormat.align = DEFAULT_TEXT_ALIGN;
textFormat.font = DEFAULT_TEXT_FONT;

//Create the text field
var textField: TextField = new TextField();
textField.width = DEFAULT_TEXT_WIDTH;
textField.height = DEFAULT_TEXT_HEIGHT;
textField.x = (mc_stage.width - textField.width) / 2;
textField.y = (mc_stage.height - textField.height) / 2;
textField.type = "input";
textField.multiline = true;
textField.wordWrap = true;
textField.defaultTextFormat = textFormat;
textField.text = "Ingresa tu texto aquí...";

//Add the field to the parent moveiclip

//Add the field to the transform manager
var transItem: TransformItem = _transManager.addItem(textField);
transItem.constrainScale = false;


Any idea of what may be happening?


Tank you.

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That's just a Flash limitation - you MUST embed fonts properly in the TextField for it to be able to be rotated. Once you embed your fonts, it should work fine. Check Adobe's docs or Google for instructions on embedding fonts.

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I see, thank you for your answer.


I embedded the Helvetica font in the .fla with the same name (Helvetica), but the text still disappears.


Am i missing something?

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Just solve it, forgot to add

textField.embedFonts = true;



Thank you for your help.

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