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TransformManager set manual selection rectangle

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So I haven't had any luck finding an answer to this via Google or the forums here yet, so hopefully someone can help.


Is there a way to specify what (other than the selected item) the selection rectangle uses to set its size, if a TransformManager is applied to a Sprite with multiple children?



I have a Sprite with 2 children: a Bitmap, and a Shape. The Shape has a blendmode of ERASE, so the user can "erase" the image below it, but if the user 'paints' outside the visible area of the image, it increases the selection box size. I only want the selection box to be sized to the image, not the size of the image + erase layer. Does that make sense?


Thanks in advance!


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Yes, that indeed did the trick!


In my solution, I compare the Erase layer rect() to the Bitmap rect() and calculate/adjust the offsets accordingly. I then do this calculation on the item's TransformEvent.SELECT event, and reset the manualBoundsOffset at that point.


private function adjustSelectionBox(e:TransformEvent):void 
   // get erase layer bounds
   var eraseRect:Rectangle = _eraseLayer.getRect(_transformItem);

   // if erase layer "exists"
   if (eraseRect.width != 0 && eraseRect.height != 0)
       // get image to use for sizing the selection box
       var imageRect:Rectangle = _bitmap.getRect(_transformItem);

       // if the erase layer goes "outside" the bitmap bounds, update deltas
       if (eraseRect.x < imageRect.x)
           _deltaX = Math.abs(imageRect.x + eraseRect.x);
       if (eraseRect.y < imageRect.y)
           _deltaY = Math.abs(imageRect.y + eraseRect.y);
       if ((eraseRect.x + eraseRect.width) > (imageRect.x + imageRect.width))
           _deltaW = (eraseRect.x + eraseRect.width) - (imageRect.x + imageRect.width);
       if ((eraseRect.y + eraseRect.height) > (imageRect.y + imageRect.height))
           _deltaH = (eraseRect.y + eraseRect.height) - (imageRect.y + imageRect.height);
   // set new selection box
   TransformItem(_transformMngr.getItem(_transformItem)).manualBoundsOffset = new Rectangle(0, 0, -(_deltaW + _deltaX), -(_deltaH + _deltaY));


Thanks again!


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