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I'm hoping you can point me to archived versions of the AS Tween engine(s)? Specifically looking for a stable version released around the days of player


Many thanks!

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We don't really have archived versions like that, but I can get you the last stable version of either v10 or v11 (actually, v11 is what's currently on the web site). Is there a reason you're wanting an older flavor? Typically this stuff gets better with age as we squash bugs and improve features. The API stays the same for each major version, and there are only minor API shifts from each major release.

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I'd love to get v10 to test — I'm going to test v11 as well.


The reason I'm asking is, we're 'stuck' with using player within Adobe AIR for TV. I can't profile the application on the machine running the player which is making this quite tough to find these small memory leaks. Profiling in the same player version locally shows no leaks. There are definitely some quirks, and as a whole with Adobe AIR for TV.


From research, player had some issues regarding BitmapData not being GC'd unless the instance was a property of Bitmap. And, it definitely has some other memory issues in our unique situation. So, I'm just trying to try different libraries and techniques to, hopefully, find what's causing these leaks.



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