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loading never reaches 100%

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I have this code here, the first queue loads up and i can see the onComplete event fire, but the 2nd queue seems to get hung up on 96% and never reaches 100, which then the onComplete is never called. But the swf is still being loaded into the container.


Anyone see or know why that might be?






queue.append( new XMLLoader("xml/siteXml.xml", {name:"myXML", estimatedBytes:"17408", onprogress:progressHandler, onComplete:loadXml}) );

//starts the load for the swf file, and adds it to this container

queue.append( new SWFLoader("my.swf", {onprogress:progressHandler, estimatedBytes:"2936012", onComplete:completeHandler, container:this}) );


//loads the data


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Very difficult to say what the problem is without any other info - did you try listening for an onFail or onerror? It sounds like maybe you've got a bad URL or something else happening in there.

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