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Require custom context menu on selected TransformItem

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I have an application requirement which requires selected TransformItems display context menus. The target object of all TransformItems in question InteractiveObject types. When the transformItems are not selected, the context menu works correctly. Any suggestions on how to get the custom context menu to work for a selected TransformItem. This is a web application.

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Hm, I'm not quite sure how you're implementing the context menu logic, but keep in mind that when an item is selected, there is a DisplayObject placed on top in which the selection box is drawn so that you can see the lines and the mouse events are triggered properly. Is your code requiring somehow that nothing be on top of your object(s)? If so, that's not really feasible. Well, you could edit TransformManager and prevent the selection box from being put on top, but I think that'd look pretty weird and it'd cause some challenges with handling MouseEvents properly.

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