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I'm using the applySettingXml method to configure the TransformManager from an external file.


Everything work fine, but I don't know in which format the colors for the handle and the line are described.


For example, to which color will translate a value of "16777215" for the handleColor?


Thank you.

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Are you asking how you can know what color 16777215 is or are you asking how to define a color? In other words, are you trying to READ or WRITE the color?

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The color is a uint value (unsigned integer). An easy way to get the number would be to trace() it in Flash, like trace(0xFFCC33); Does that work for you?

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Oohh I see, thank you Jack.


However, is there an easier way to get the number? a way that doesn't involve opening flash?

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I believe you could pass in a value like 0xFFCC33 directly - have you tried that? Other than that, what are you wanting to use for conversion - Javascript? ActionScript? Sorry, I'm a little unclear about your workflow and what's populating that value on your end.

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I'll try passing 0XFFCC33 directly.


I was simple trying to initialize the TranasformManager from an external config file, so that any change in the settings could be done without touching the code.


You have already answer my question, thank you very much Jack.

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