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Accurate Timer Using Timekeeper Class

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Hi, does anyone have any experience with creating an accurate timer in AS3?

I have used the Timer class and also setInterval in conjunction with my TweenMax project but none are very accurate.


I have been reading about the Timekeeper class, but don't know exactly how to use it.


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When you say "none are very accurate", could you describe what you mean? Are you saying that you need something to get called at a particular interval, but when the Flash Player bogs down due to other processing, sometimes those intervals widen?


Also, could you explain WHY you need more accuracy? I'm a little concerned that you might be heading down a road that is ultimately very wasteful or pointless - if you need to check timing accurately, you shouldn't be relying on a specific interval anyway. It's much better to use something like getTimer() and compare it to a value you recorded when you started.

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