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TextField inside MovieClip - transforming

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Hey Jack,


I've got some elements (MovieClips) that contains textfields inside. But simple question is:


Is there any way to make the textfield area bigger while scaling via transform manager? Now it scales text also, so it's getting bigger or smaller, so it does not look good when for example an element is a button which contain label. I would like to keep font size always the same, but yeah, do you think is possible, or is there any better solution?


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If you don't wrap the TextField in a MovieClip (or any other DisplayObjectContainer), yes, that's exactly how it'll work by default (resize the TextField, not the text). The key is to change the "width" and "height" properties of the TextField instead of "scaleX" and "scaleY" or the transform.matrix. But if you must have it wrapped in a MovieClip, I don't think it's feasible given how Flash works.

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