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Poker timer

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I want to build a timer like in the picture I have attached to this post.


is there any way to build it with out uses of movieclips ( gotoAndPlay(1) etc') but only with code?





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If you want to have that thick stroke animate without using any graphical symbols it is actually a bit challenging to do it all with code. The gradient is also another challenge, but I imagine you could use the animated stroke to work as a mask.


If you look at this page here http://www.greensock.com/loadermax/ you will see that we have used something similar in some of our demos.


You can download those files via the link in FAQ 9 on the bottom of that page.


Feel free to look at the source of ProgressCircleLite.as to get a sense of what is involved for that effect. You'll see it is quite complex. That ProgressCircleLite is only intended for GreenSock demos and is not a product that we support or advertise.


From what I can tell, this product here would easily be worth the $3



Hope this info is of some help

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