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LoaderMax performance questions

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I am using loadMax with loaderImage


now i coming into a performance problem not on desktop but on tablet


i have about 60+ images to load all at once, is there a way you can delay the loader like if it hit 20 items and delay 2 secs and keep load...




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Hi and Welcome to the GreenSock forums,


You could do this a few ways.


Easiest: give loader#20 and loader#40 a unique onComplete callback that pauses the LoaderMax they are part of.


function onCompleteSpecial(e:LoaderEvent):void{
  TweenLite.delayedCall(2, myLoaderMax.resume);



Or each ImageLoader could call the same onComplete function that checks to see how many loaders are loaded. If that number is a multiple of 20 then pause the LoaderMax


something like


function onCompleteHandler(e:LoaderEvent):void{
var completeLoaders:int = myLoaderMax.getChildrenByStatus(LoaderStatus.COMPLETED).length

if(completeLoaders == 20 || completeLoaders == 40){

  TweenLite.delayedCall(2, myLoaderMax.resume);




if you have a lot more loaders, you would want to make that conditional statement more flexible.




You could also create 3 LoaderMax's that each contain 20 images, and then when each LoaderMax completes wait 2 seconds to start the next one.


There are probably a half-dozen more ways to approach this. Just giving some ideas. The API is very robust and at any point in time you have access to a ton of info about what each loader is doing. You can read more about the getChildrenByStatus method here: http://www.greensock.com/as/docs/tween/com/greensock/loading/LoaderMax.html#getChildrenByStatus()



let us know if you need more help.



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Thanks very much Carl. That's the perfect answer that i am seeking for. :)

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