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Older versions of Firefox not working

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This thread was started before GSAP 3 was released. Some information, especially the syntax, may be out of date for GSAP 3. Please see the GSAP 3 migration guide and release notes for more information about how to update the code to GSAP 3's syntax. 

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Hello all,


I'll post an example in a moment, but does anyone else have issues with older versions of Firefox. I've been developing in FF15 and have cross browser tested in IE6,7,8 and 9 as thats where I usualy have issues (they all work fine). I'm just about to check Chrome and Safari.


I just tested in Firefox 11 and 13 (so not even that old really) none of my GreenSock animation works. Im sure its somthing simple, but worrying for me to say the least.


I'll get an example up here shortly.





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I've tried to upload some files but it says the limit is 21.03 kb which is obviously not enough. I'll try again later just in case its a glitch now.





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Here's my code. It looks so simple and yet I can't for the life or me work out why it doesnt work. Its also not working in Safari.


I'm using jquery-1.7.1.js and TimelineMax.min.js, but in my last test I used the TweenLite.js with the addition of CSSPlugin.js and it still doesn't work.


TweenLite.to(musician_001, 1.5, {css:{autoAlpha:1}, delay:1});
TweenLite.to(musician_002, 1.5, {css:{autoAlpha:1}, delay:1.5});
TweenLite.to(musician_003, 1.5, {css:{autoAlpha:1}, delay:2});
TweenLite.to(musician_004, 1.5, {css:{autoAlpha:1}, delay:2.5});
TweenLite.to(musician_005, 1.5, {css:{autoAlpha:1}, delay:3});
TweenLite.to(musician_006, 1.5, {css:{autoAlpha:1}, delay:3.5});


<img id="musician_001" src="images/tracking_progress/musicians_001.gif" alt="" class="musician_one"/>
<img id="musician_002" src="images/tracking_progress/musicians_002.png" alt="" class="musician_two"/>
<img id="musician_003" src="images/tracking_progress/musicians_003.gif" alt="" class="musician_three"/>
<img id="musician_004" src="images/tracking_progress/musicians_006.gif" alt="" class="musician_four"/>
<img id="musician_005" src="images/tracking_progress/musicians_005.gif" alt="" class="musician_six"/>
<img id="musician_006" src="images/tracking_progress/musicians_004.gif" alt="" class="musician_five"/>


Thank you in advnace.



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Yeah, that looks like a very basic example that shouldn't cause any trouble.

Sorry to hear you had trouble uploading the files.


Can you please try to upload to http://ge.tt/ (free service, no ads, no sign-up, very easy)


We'll take a look at them and let you know what we find. Thanks.

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HI Carl,


Just so you know, when I used older versions of the library this simple animation now works in Safari. I guess I downloaded the update this morning before Jack made the change back (see thread below).




The issue with the older versions of FF still exits though. I'll keep looking too.





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The Firefox problem is actually just exposing an issue in your code that the other browsers apparently overlooked - you're trying to reference DOM objects directly by their ID instead of using document.getElementById() or jQuery's $().


TweenLite.to(musician_001, 1.5, {css:{autoAlpha:1}, delay:1});

TweenLite.to(document.getElementById("musician_001"), 1.5, {css:{autoAlpha:1}, delay:1});

//ALSO GOOD (if you're using jQuery):
TweenLite.to($("#musician_001"), 1.5, {css:{autoAlpha:1}, delay:1});


Once I corrected that, it seemed to work fine in older versions of Firefox.


Oh, and please make sure you use the latest version of the GSAP files (I updated them tonight).


Happy tweening!

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I feel so silly!


Thanks for pointing it out for me as I was having one of those days where I just could not see what was wrong!


Thank you for your help.





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No problem at all. It happens to all of us :)

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