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Multiple Errors in Flash Builder 4.7

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Hi there,


I upgraded my Flash Builder this morning, and all of a sudden my TweenLite.as is giving off warnings that have NEVER popped up in my life.


It says:


Assignment within conditional. Did you mean == instead of =?


I've tried upgrading to GSAP v12, But instead of 1 error warning, it gave off 10, in different Greensock files... so I went back to 11.


Any solutions?


Really need to get this project finished




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Those are erroneous errors/warnings. It's complaining about a statement like this:


if ((myVariable = obj.whatever)) {



Which is perfectly valid - it just assigns obj.whatever to myVariable and evaluates whether or not it's false/null. It's a more concise way of doing:


myVariable = obj.whatever;
if (myVariable) {



And it can be particularly useful for improving performance when there's an if/elseif statement because if the first part is true, the 2nd condition doesn't even have to get evaluated. For example:


if (isPlaying) {
} else if ((myVariable = obj.getValue())) {
   myVariable.blah = "blah";



If isPlaying is true, then myVariable never gets set to obj.getValue() which also saves us a function call. That's much better than setting myVariable up front and then running the conditions.


See what I mean?


Flash Builder is trying to be helpful and it's assuming that we meant == instead of = because it's in a conditional. Not true in this case. Thanks, Flash Builder, but leave me alone and move along. Nothing to see here. :)


If you're actually getting compiler errors, please let us know and post a very simple example FLA that we can publish to see the errors.


And for the record, I'd definitely recommend v12 over v11. It's rock solid and more feature-packed. The main thing delaying v12's launch is some work we're doing on the JavaScript side of things.

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Wow! Fantastic!


Thanks so much for helping me understand it all. Makes way more sense now.


Definitely a case of Flash Builder trying to be a know it all :)

It was just warnings, so I'm definitely going to upgrade to v12 again.


Thanks so much again for everything, and great work on the platform. Definitely a life saver!




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Hi Shane, 
totally agree with Adobe being silly regarding this.  The problem is, with Air 3.6, it is now impossible to compile IOS apps using Tween* as Adobe INSIST one cannot use your cleverness. 
I fixed this by manually going through your code and doing what you suggest above:


myVariable = obj.whatever;
if (myVariable) {...


Any chance you could incorporate this 'unnecessarily long' way of doing things in future versions?





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Is there a solution to this issue?


Using FlashDevelop 4.6.4, I've encountered the same warnings.

I understand that this is a perfectly valid code, but FD halts on this warnings...


Any advice?



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Perhaps contact the FlashDevelop folks? Unfortunately, we have no control over what their IDE does :( I wish I had an easy fix for you, but it definitely seems like it's an issue on their end. 

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